“Engine parts are still plen­ti­ful, but the rest can be hard – fuel tanks are like gold dust”

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Jan Ring­nalda, Colum­bus, Ohio, USA three, and four, five and six. If you don’t do that then you ba­si­cally build a big triple, and the cam­chain lasts about 21 miles – it can’t take the power.

“Also, when you put the bike on the side­stand and the fuel is left on, the fuel can run from one carb into the next un­til you get to carb num­ber one, where it can fill up that carb and run into the cylin­der, fill­ing it with fuel. When you try and start it I’ve seen con­nect­ing rods come out of the front – it’s a big mess. Al­ways switch off your fuel when you switch off your engine.

“Engine parts are still fairly plen­ti­ful, but the rest of it can be hard – orig­i­nal side cov­ers, tail pieces and fuel tanks are like gold dust. Switchgear can be bought from China – I’ve not tried it but it looks okay.

“I’ve re­stored a Pro-link too – that shock is a pain be­cause the early ones lose their fluid, and the seal that’s in there is hard to re­place. The Pro-link also has a dif­fer­ent rake be­cause it’s more of a cruiser, but it is a cheaper model to buy. Mind you, don’t ex­pect the parts on dif­fer­ent mod­els to fit. I’m build­ing a spe­cial us­ing CB1100R parts with a late model Pro-link CBX1000 and an early CBX1000 and even though it’s all same-era Honda, noth­ing bolts straight on…”

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