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So, I usu­ally pick up a copy of PS at UK air­ports, whilst en­route to proper coun­tries. Can’t help notic­ing that your X7 Gamma project has taken a few months to get to a poorly fit­ting en­gine in a rusty, slightly butchered, frame.

My crit­i­cism is based upon the sim­ple fact that my good friend Richard Green and I got drunk on Spe­cial Brew one night in 1988. Upon wak­ing up hun­gover, the next morn­ing, we’d both had the same dream; putting the en­gine out of my 250 LC in

his Gamma.

Sure enough, we had, then took it out two-up, hit­ting 110mph on the New­mar­ket to Cam­bridge “Mur­der Mile”. Halo­gen Days.

We did an en­tire project in one night, pissed on Spe­cial Brew and for­got it hap­pened. Doesn’t re­flect well upon PS. Just sayin’. Henry Mick­le­burgh, email

Off-li­cence beck­ons – AS

Note to­tal ab­sence of any form of strong lager re­cep­ta­cle

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