1984 Yamaha RZV500R

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This J-spec RZV is only a whisker away from be­ing fin­ished. Ninety per cent of the resto work has been done: full Stan Stephens en­gine re­build, re­painted body­work and myr­iad NOS parts and rechromed/ plated fas­ten­ers. But why, when it’s so close, is the owner sell­ing? We can only as­sume he’s run out of dosh. He says he’s al­ready sunk £10K into it, and now he’s seek­ing to get his cash back. A rough 500 can go for £5000, but would you pay £14K for a bike that’s not fin­ished? It’s sev­eral grand too much for us.

Gary says: That would be a lot of money for a com­plete bike so, de­spite what he’s spent on it, he can’t ask top money be­cause it’s not even run­ning yet. It’s nice, but I think he’s go­ing to have to ac­cept a hit on it. Plus col­lec­tors want the RD500 rather than the RZV.

£14K for an un­fin­ished bike? Imag­ine what he’d want if it was com­plete

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