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I have a 1998 Honda Hor­net 600 that will ride fine for a pe­riod of time be­fore it starts to feel slightly un­der­pow­ered, then dies on me. It some­times sounds like it’s run­ning on two cylin­ders.

When you wait for about five to 10 min­utes it al­lows you to start and ride it again.

I think it’s a fuel is­sue but I’m a bit stuck on where to at­tack it. So far I have re­placed the fuel tap di­aphragms and fil­ter and the vac­uum pipe to the man­i­fold and checked the breather hose. I can­not seem to sim­u­late the fault when the bike is sta­tion­ary.

First off check the carb float bowl and fuel cap drain. If all is OK there, the next thing to look at is the fuel de­liv­ery. Dis­con­nect the fuel pipe and run an­other pipe into a jug. Start the en­gine and then crimp the vac­uum pipe shut. This will have the ef­fect of open­ing the fuel tap di­aphragm and leav­ing it open so you can ob­serve how well the fuel is flow­ing. As a side note, is the fuel fresh? Lately we have been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a num­ber of prob­lems with wa­ter ab­sorp­tion in petrol.

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