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I’m go­ing to get a set of Kawasaki ZZ-R1100D forks re­con­di­tioned and was think­ing of putting pro­gres­sive springs in while they are apart. Is this a worth­while ex­er­cise or are the stan­dard springs al­ready de­cent enough? They are for a front end up­grade on a GPZ900R.

Gra­ham Ben­net, PS Face­book Group

Dar­ren Wnukoski says: A

lin­ear spring would be bet­ter, be­cause a pro­gres­sive spring is de­signed as a best av­er­age for ev­ery­one and usu­ally ends up be­ing bril­liant for no one. You’d be bet­ter fit­ting the right spring for you. These forks have a fairly short stroke and I reckon an 8.5 to 9kg/mm spring with the cor­rect weight of oil and air-gap would prob­a­bly be about right for you de­pend­ing on what you weigh and how you ride. Talk to a sus­pen­sion spe­cial­ist so you buy the right stuff first time.

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