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I need some parts to fit on my 1989 Suzuki GSX-R400R SP. The bike is giv­ing some elec­tri­cal prob­lems, mainly ig­ni­tion is­sues. I’m think­ing about chang­ing the pick-ups, check­ing the coils and also test­ing the CDI.

A friend told me that some of these com­po­nents might also be com­mon to other Suzuki mod­els, like the Ban­dit 400. We haven’t checked yet. How­ever the SP CDI is cer­tain to be dif­fer­ent.

Where should I start looking to find out what is caus­ing the prob­lems?

Pe­dro Oliveira, email

Gary Hurd says: Be­fore get­ting too deep into the busi­ness of elec­tri­cal com­po­nents, I’d start with a ba­sic com­pres­sion check to see if the run­ning is­sues might be me­chan­i­cal. Ig­ni­tion pick-ups and CDIS ei­ther tend to work or not and rarely present in­ter­mit­tent prob­lems. You’re quite right about the CDI be­ing unique to this model, but a parts num­ber search on some­where like will soon show what other com­po­nents are com­mon to other Suzukis. Im­port spe­cial­ists Fast­line Mo­tor­cy­cles (fast­ could be help­ful too.

GSX-R400R SP in hap­pier times

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