Ven­hill VT13 ca­ble in­ner wire bird caging tool

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“If you want to make your own ca­bles it will be in­de­spens­able”

THERE ARE some tools that rarely see the light of day but when you need them, nothing else will do. You can then de­light in your own fore­sight in ad­ding them to your DIY ar­moury. One such is the Ven­hill VT13 ca­ble in­ner-wire bird-caging tool.

Any­one who’s ever had oc­ca­sion to solder a nip­ple onto a ca­ble will know the pain of at­tempt­ing to form a ‘bird cage’ on the end of the in­ner to pre­vent it pulling back through the hole. Quite of­ten that pain is lit­eral. The ends of the ca­ble in­ner’s strands are cru­elly sharp and guar­an­teed to draw blood from the ball of your thumb un­less you’re very lucky or very wary.

This tool gets around all that, guar­an­tee­ing a per­fect bird cage ev­ery time and with the Ven­hill VT13 tool, any in­juries sus­tained will be down to the op­er­a­tor and their own fool­ish­ness.

The de­vice is suit­able for use with 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm di­am­e­ter ca­ble in­ner wire. Its oper­a­tion is simplicity it­self. You clamp the ca­ble in the ap­pro­pri­ate slot in the jaws of the cast blocks us­ing a vice, leav­ing the end of the ca­ble in­ner wire pok­ing up into the cir­cu­lar re­cess formed by the clamped jaws. Then, tak­ing the ap­pro­pri­ate punch de­pend­ing on which size of in­ner wire you’re work­ing with, ham­mer it onto the end of the wire and down into the re­cess to form a per­fect ‘bird cage’.

At a few pen­nies un­der a hun­dred quid, the VT13 ca­ble in­ner wire bird caging tool isn’t cheap. But if you make your own ca­bles, or in­deed want to get into mak­ing them, it will soon be­come in­dis­pens­able.

Alan See­ley

Cost: £99.79 In use for: six months Con­tact: ven­

A fine nip­ple, we’re sure you’ll agree We rate it five for use, only the price marks it down

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