Yamaha DT125/175MX bits

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This far from com­plete DT is one for the brave. Lots of parts miss­ing, in­clud­ing wheels, swingarm, forks and tank. The V5 has gone for a Bur­ton too. So if you look at this as a resto project rather than a haul of spares for an ex­ist­ing bike you’re go­ing to have to write up quite a shop­ping list. You’d need to col­lect it too, so is it re­ally worth it?

Gary says:

That’s a pile of spares rather than a project, and even then a fair amount of it is go­ing to be worn out or knack­ered. Buy it cheap, sift through it for gems, then ei­ther use them or sell them sep­a­rately and make a few quid to put to­wards a bet­ter bike. No in­ter­est at £80 – not sur­pris­ing.

This is a dog’s din­ner, not a mo­tor­bike

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