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Your LC vs YPVS ar­ti­cle was spot on. My wife and I own one of each and the truth is the YPVS is a bet­ter bike in al­most ev­ery way, how­ever the LC is more ex­cit­ing and en­gag­ing to ride, not to men­tion pret­tier.

To­day, the prob­lem with the YPVS is that it cir­cum­stan­tially looks like a mod­ern sports­bike to those not in the know.

Of­ten­times, when we’re out to­gether, ad­mir­ers will walk right past the YPVS to fawn over the LC. Then when they claim they owned or rode a YPVS, I point out my wife’s bike right be­side the LC. Of course, this drives my wife nuts be­cause no­body sees her beloved YPVS when the LC is around.

The ’83-’85 bikes were ugly com­pared to the LC. The F2 is pret­tier but more mod­ern look­ing and so is too of­ten over­looked to­day. Prop­erly ad­justed, the YPVS makes power de­liv­ery so smooth that it takes all the fun out of the power­band rush – and af­ter all isn’t the rip­ping scream of a two-stroke on the pipe why we love these bikes? The LC is raw and flawed in com­par­i­son but that’s ex­actly what makes it so much fun to ride.

The LC’S pal­try 47bhp, means it’s pos­si­ble to tear through the gears, gig­gling all the way, with­out hardly break­ing the na­tional speed limit. Its typ­i­cal ‘hinge-in-the-mid­dle’ han­dling makes the ride more en­gag­ing and some­times more ter­ri­fy­ing. In com­par­i­son the YPVS will do ev­ery­thing asked of it whereas the LC re­quires a bit of re­spect.

These bikes are rel­a­tively plen­ti­ful and thank­fully fairly in­ex­pen­sive in Canada. UK read­ers would be shocked at how af­ford­able these two were.

Peter Cron­helm, Canada

Cana­dian (and US) read­ers would be shocked how un­af­ford­able they are here – JM

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