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I have a Yamaha FZR750, VIN num­ber YMO126, en­gine num­ber 1FM. These are the only num­bers on the bike and cor­re­spond with the V5C.

I be­lieve it’s a Ja­panese im­port but all other VIN num­bers I’ve seen have more dig­its. Date of first regis­tra­tion in the UK is 1997. Any help in iden­ti­fy­ing it would be ap­pre­ci­ated as I am in two minds whether I should break it, or keep and re­store. A Fer­gu­son, email

Jim Moore says:

Your FZR ap­pears to be a Ja­panese mar­ket bike, im­ported into the UK around 1997 – the 1FM en­gine code cor­re­sponds to the home-mar­ket en­gine (re­stricted to 77bhp through the air in­take, jet­ting, ex­haust and CDI to com­ply with Ja­panese law). You can re­place these parts with Cana­dian (2TT) or USA (2NK) full power bits.

It’s nor­mal for there to be no other dig­its to the en­gine ID than 1FM. If both VIN and en­gine num­bers cor­re­spond with the V5, then it’s a le­git bike. It’s hard to give an ex­act date of regis­tra­tion in Ja­pan – when bikes are im­ported to the UK they are given an age-re­lated plate, which is not al­ways ac­cu­rate. But we can nar­row it down to a 1987-88 ma­chine.

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