1990 Kawasaki AR80 C8

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“I’VE GOT sev­eral ARS, a cou­ple of A mod­els and this 80 C. It’ll do over 80mph in­di­cated with me on it. The mo­tor is a BDK race en­gine mak­ing 16bhp, so it’s rapid. I can cruise at 70mph on the flat but I feel bad wring­ing its neck all the time be­cause you get more me­chan­i­cally sym­pa­thetic with age, plus it gets a bit wob­bly over 70. I’ve had this one just over three years, although I first tried to buy it 10 years ago. Phil’s dad ended up with it and I even­tu­ally bought it off him. It’s a toy re­ally but great fun to ride, es­pe­cially out on a run like this with like-minded folk.”

Straight outta Swin­don

Tweaked and good for 80mph

A toy, but a very loud one

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