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Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Kawasaki Zx-6r -

Honda CBR600F3 1995-1998

598cc, 16v, dohc in­line four Last ‘steelie’ CBR-F and ar­guably the de­fin­i­tive su­per­sports all-rounder. 36mm carbs and raised com­pres­sion boosted power to 100bhp.

Value now: £1200-£2500

Yamaha FZR600R 1994-1998

599cc, 16v, dohc in­line four Up­dated FZR600 got new, 99bhp en­gine (but no EXUP), rwu forks, new steel Deltabox frame and generic YZF ‘styling. A bit ‘bud­get’ in some ar­eas.

Value now: £1300-£2600

Suzuki RF600R 1993-1997

599cc, 16v, dohc in­line four Smooth-revving four gave 100bhp in a de­cent if slightly bulky chas­sis, funky styling and a good price. Never quite enough to beat the Honda on road or track and it wasn’t as durable, ei­ther, but still a de­cent buy.

Value now: £900-£1800

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