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Q My 1977 Suzuki GT750B, is bloody aw­ful on the over­run when it feels as if all the cylinders are fight­ing each other and the driv­e­train snatches and jerks.

We checked the ig­ni­tion tim­ing and found the back plate ad­vanced to a point where only one se­cur­ing bolt was in place, the holes for the other two were cov­ered due to the ‘ad­vanced’ po­si­tion of the back plate.

Also, the air pi­lot screws on the carbs were wound out 2.5 – 3 turns rather than 3/4 turn as they should be. If we turned the air screws in and set the ig­ni­tion cor­rectly, then the en­gine wouldn’t fire.

Is it ad­vanced to help a tired en­gine? Ray Jef­fery, Es­sex

A Pete O’dell says:

Hunt­ing on the over­run is not un­usual. Your is­sue is tim­ing and from what you de­scribe, the back­plate has been po­si­tioned to com­pen­sate for in­cor­rect fit­ment of the points gear drive. My hunch is that this isn’t lined up cor­rectly. Sort that and set the tim­ing cor­rectly and your prob­lems with the bike will dis­ap­pear.

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