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I’m an avid reader of PS, love it. I’ve been on bikes over 40 years, have owned at least 80, and have 13 right now!

Any­way, hav­ing a col­lec­tion of bikes means in­sur­ance .... and

lots of it. I want to be le­gal so I grin and bear it pay­ing the an­nual pre­mium. This is a nec­es­sary evil. I ac­cept it. How­ever, when you want to al­ter the pol­icy or god for­bid add an­other bike they’ve got you. A cou­ple of days ago I added an ’85 GSX-R750, for £90. and to­day a ’78 Tri­umph Tiger, that was £70.

The bum­mer is that ev­ery time there’s a change it’s £40 to the bro­ker. In the ex­am­ple of the Tri­umph it means the bro­ker charges more than the un­der­writer. Surely this is go­ing the same way as PPI and ex­ces­sive bank charges? It af­fects us all.

I am sure I am not the only per­son hacked off the way big busi­ness is bend­ing the com­mon man and wo­man over. I know the com­pa­nies ad­ver­tise with you so can see why you wouldn’t chal­lenge them. And I’m pretty sure you won’t print this. How­ever I live to be sur­prised. Lay­ton Cooper, email

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