1997 Tri­umph Day­tona T595

Dave Jones, Cleve­leys, Lan­cashire

Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Restoration Revealed -

“I bought mine in Septem­ber 2000. I used it as my only form of trans­port for four years, in­clud­ing through the win­ter. It’s been around Spain twice, it’s been tour­ing around France and it’s done 78,000 miles now.

“I got a sec­ond­hand Öh­lins shock for it and a cou­ple of years ago I took the forks to Max­ton and they over­hauled and revalved them. In the past I had a Power Com­man­der on it, which was OK, but I’ve since had it set up at Junc­tion 33 Dyno with a TUNEECU and it’s the best thing I’ve had done.

“The gear­lever is off a later 955i, so there’s no link­age, it’s got a Kawasaki ZX-9R rear mas­ter­cylin­der, which just fit­ted on with two longer bolts, so the back brake works now, it’s got an ITG air fil­ter and EBC clutch plates with Day­tona 1200 springs and an ex­tended ac­tu­a­tor arm. I’ve also fit­ted the bolts for the rear sus­pen­sion link­age the other way round from the way Tri­umph do, so if you need to grease them it’s a sim­ple job rather than hav­ing to take off the whole ex­haust. Apart from that I just keep on top of ser­vic­ing and re­pairs.

“They aren’t as un­re­li­able as peo­ple say. I’ve only once been brought back on a re­cov­ery truck, when the reg­u­la­tor/ rec­ti­fier died, and I’ve man­aged to keep on top of cor­ro­sion.

“It went through a pe­riod of hav­ing strange elec­tri­cal faults, but once I re­moved the Data­tool alarm I haven’t had a prob­lem. I had a few bizarre prob­lems with it. It would idle at 3000rpm, and it took three bike shops to work out it was the step­per mo­tor. I’ve had a few pipes go brit­tle, so I’ve re­placed those with nor­mal sil­i­cone pipes, and I re­placed the ra­di­a­tor with one from a Sprint ST 1050 be­cause it’s im­pos­si­ble to find a T595 ra­di­a­tor th­ese days.

“I live five min­utes’ walk from the sea so the old one just rot­ted, but af­ter 20 years you can’t re­ally com­plain.”

Big miles and very nearly a big smile

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