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My Kawasaki ZX-6R J2 keeps cough­ing when let­ting the clutch out and pulling away. It was parked up un­used for a few days and when I came to use it again it wouldn’t work. The fuel pump had stopped pump­ing, and the re­lay would click when the clutch was pulled in. I man­aged to get the pump work­ing, and the bike run­ning again.

Give it revs and drop the clutch and it doesn’t cough, but once you get go­ing, it’ll start. I’ve put new con­nec­tors on the pump, taped up the han­dle­bar where the kill switch bolts and cleaned and checked the side­stand switch. What next?

David Woodford, PS Face­book Group A

Gary Hurd says: I think you’re look­ing in the wrong place . I’m sus­pect­ing a fuel is­sue. Drain the fuel system com­pletely, clean the carbs. I’m sus­pect­ing wa­ter in the system or blocked pilot jets. Check the com­pres­sion too. If there’s a tight valve or valves, they would cause some of th­ese prob­lems too.

Drain and clean en­tire fuel system is the fix

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