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The carbs on my 1988 Yamaha TDR250 restora­tion project are be­yond sal­vaging. How­ever I do have a pair from a TZR250 of sim­i­lar vin­tage. The TDR ones are plumbed into the cool­ing sys­tem pre­sum­ably to of­fer some form of heat­ing to pre­vent carb ic­ing. Can I use the TZR carbs in­stead if I blank off the coolant unions be­tween en­gine and carbs, or am I ask­ing for trou­ble? Luke Del­lar, email

Alan See­ley says: Not only can you do it but we have our­selves done it and for ex­actly the same rea­sons. Just check that the jets, slides and nee­dles in the TZR carbs are the same as the stock ones for the TDR.

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