Tap, snap, oh crap

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I’ve snapped a tap in an ex­haust stud hole. A nor­mal drill is just pol­ish­ing the rem­nants. So what do I need, tung­sten or what? Any help would be wel­come Tony Lee, PS Face­book Group

Pete O’dell says. You might be able to per­suade it round with some long-nose pli­ers but there’s al­ways the risk of snap­ping the tips of those off in there. What you re­ally need is a tap re­moval tool which has prongs that go down the sides of the flutes and al­low the snapped-off tap tip to be twisted. Don’t try say­ing that af­ter a snide Bai­leys and rum cock­tail.

There’s a spe­cial tool for this type of night­mare

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