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Frame dam­age – dents or scrapes – down by the gear lever or brake lever. If the bike has been dropped on ei­ther side, the levers can push into the frame and leave a mark in the alu­minium. It won’t cause a real prob­lem but it’s a cos­metic de­fect and a de­cent bar­gain­ing tool.

Like the Tri­umph, a large clank­ing or clat­ter­ing on the left side of the mo­tor when you press the starter but­ton means a starter sprag clutch prob­lem. On the Aprilia it’s no longer a huge is­sue – parts and knowl­edge are eas­ily avail­able to fix it. But reckon on £300 to pay some­one to fix it for you.

Be­ware of fake Tuono Rac­ing mod­els – there are a lot Tuonos out there and it’s not a big stretch to fit RSV-R parts – Öh­lins sus­pen­sion, OZ wheels, car­bon pan­els – by cross-ref­er­enc­ing the frame num­bers: ZD4RP means it’s an RSV and ZD4RPB means it’s orig­i­nally a Tuono.

Brembo ra­dial calipers, Öh­lins forks, OZ wheels, ex­ot­ica over­load. Car­bon cowl and all-im­por­tant de­cal

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