1984 Yamaha RZV500R

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Owner: Randy Wedge, USA Owned for: three weeks

What’s the story? Bought, un­crated, now search­ing for parts. Progress so far? Af­ter re­build­ing my Suzuki RGV VJ23, and go­ing through the en­tire process of bring­ing a bike in from Ja­pan to the USA and mak­ing it le­gal, it was time for my dream bike. The RZV500R has been my dream since first read­ing of its ex­is­tence in 1984, but as a Ja­pan home mar­ket bike, I thought it would al­ways be just a dream. I made sev­eral half-at­tempts at buy­ing Cana­dian RZ500S, but I re­ally wanted the alu­minum frame JDM ver­sion. I made con­nec­tions, found a bike for sale that ap­peared clean with low miles, and with a few very small pic­tures on­line, then com­mit­ted my dol­lars. What’s next? I’ve yet to start work on it, as I am col­lect­ing parts for a com­plete re­ju­ve­na­tion. It’s got 9885 kilo­me­ters show­ing, but af­ter al­most 35 years of life in the garage and on the street, it needs a clean slate be­fore I en­joy it.

Shortly to be re­duced to the last fas­tener for a ground-up re­build

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