Yamaha GTS1000

Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Special Build of the Year 2018 -

1993-1994 1002cc liq­uid-cooled, dohc, 20v in­line-four, 102bhp, 246kg

What is it? Tech-packed sports tourer that was just too far ahead of the curve to be a suc­cess back in the 1990s. A pig to work on, too.

Why so odd? There hasn’t been a sat­is­fac­tory up­grade on the hum­ble tele­scopic fork as yet. Many have tried, but none have proven sig­nif­i­cantly bet­ter to con­sign the tele to the dust­bin of his­tory. Yam had pre­vi­ously shown us the Mor­pho 400 con­cept bike, but the pro­duc­tion ver­sion – the GTS1000 – wasn’t any bet­ter than, say, a CBR1000, de­spite all its tech.

Why you want one: It’s un­likely any man­u­fac­turer will build a bike like the GTS again. It rep­re­sents a mo­ment in his­tory, al­beit an un­suc­cess­ful one. Even so, the GTS isn’t a bad bike, and as a com­fort­able tourer it ex­cels. Hav­ing an EXUP mo­tor doesn’t hin­der it ei­ther. Val­ues: £1500-£3000

Blame Bi­mota and theirtesi for ef­forts like this

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