Honda VF750S

Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Special Build of the Year 2018 -

1986-1988 748cc liq­uid-cooled, dohc, 16v 90-de­gree V4, 82bhp, 225kg

What is it? A whole lot of trou­ble, and the worst pos­si­ble show­case for Honda’s then new V4 lay­out. Why so odd? Honda’s V4 tech was al­ways sup­posed to be the spring­board for a new range of sports and race bikes, so the firm’s de­ci­sion to launch its first road go­ing V4 in the semi-cruiser 750S was odd to say the least. It proved hor­ri­bly un­re­li­able and even a step too far for the Amer­i­cans. A dis­as­ter in ev­ery re­spect. It al­most sank the whole project. Why you want one: Trust us, you re­ally don’t. Ever. An early VF750F with its fac­tory re­call mods, now that’s a dif­fer­ent propo­si­tion en­tirely.

Val­ues: £700-£1800

Nice leathers, not so sure about the lid, dead cer­tain about the bike though – shock­ing

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