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A UK bike – prized among RD fanciers – with a mo­tor re­built by Rac­coon Racing, who do a fan­tas­ti­cally thor­ough job. So, what you’re re­ally look­ing at is a chas­sis restora­tion. The seller was go­ing to build a spe­cial but con­cluded (rightly) that the bike is too com­plete and orig­i­nal to butcher. Made strong money at £3550, but that’s not a sur­prise given that the en­gine is ready to go.

I think the seller’s right. It’d be a shame to cut this thing up; restor­ing it won’t be hard given that parts for air-cooled RDS are plen­ti­ful. Nice colours too – I hope who­ever fin­ishes it keeps it black and red.

En­gine’s all re­built and ready to drop- in and go. Rolling chas­sis more of a chal­lenge, but by no means a prob­lem given the fair avail­abil­ity of RD bits

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