1993-1998 YAMAHA YZF750R

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749cc liq­uid-cooled, dohc, 20v in­line-four, 196kg, 125bhp, 160mph

What is it? The YZF could have been the best bike of the early 1990s had the Fire­blade not popped up a year ear­lier and spoilt the party. A more civilised evo­lu­tion of the glo­ri­ously bru­tal OW01, yet still a highly ef­fec­tive tool. Why you want one? If you need to ask you haven’t rid­den one. The EXUP as­sisted 20v mo­tor is as flex­i­ble as it is ea­ger, and a quite re­mark­able de­vice com­pared to the com­pe­ti­tion of the time. Im­mense in stan­dard trim, even more so as a Suzuka TT-F1 replica. The SP model is rare and not that much dif­fer­ent to the R to jus­tify con­sid­er­ably higher ask­ing prices. What if I can’t find one? You’re not look­ing hard enough. There are al­ways at least half a dozen YZFS on ebay. Prices are ris­ing gently, but bag­ging a tidy 750R for £2K is still very do-able. What to look for? Seized six-pot calipers, seized EXUP valves, a thirst for lube (it is a Yamaha…), rot­ten tanks, im­ports – if it’s Ger­man or French it could be re­stricted.

What we found 1998 Yamaha YZF750R, 12,700 miles, HPI clear, stan­dard, good pre­sentable con­di­tion, £1995 We say: Best of the later colours, all stan­dard (good), low miles too, tidy for 20-year-old bike. At £1995 – we reckon there’s room to move too.

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