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En­gines are bombproof if reg­u­larly ser­viced, so check the mo­tor's been looked af­ter.

Header pipes cor­rode cos­met­i­cally, but not al­ways func­tion­ally. If they’ve been hor­ri­bly ne­glected, the ex­haust studs can be an is­sue.

Cam cov­ers can ox­i­dize and dis­colour if the bike is used in all weathers and not looked af­ter.

En­gine cases lose their fin­ish if not treated with a good wipe down af­ter win­ter rides.

If the seat is not prop­erly fit­ted it can scuff the up­per sub­frame rails lead­ing to rust.

The To­kico six-pots can suf­fer badly if ne­glected in the less cle­ment months of the year. Make sure all six pis­tons are work­ing freely and check the disc car­ri­ers for cor­ro­sion too – NOS pis­tons are ex­pen­sive.

If you get the im­pres­sion there are pre­cious few ma­jor is­sues, you’d be right.

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