Trail bikes get lot more ham­mer than road bikes, and need plenty of love and at­ten­tion

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Al’s 900SS gets its crank fixed, MG’S XL nearly ready, KH1F nowhere near ready, Mick’s ZX7R hits the road, plus Al and MG prep for a hill-climb

My 1989 Honda CRM250 has brought me to my knees on more than one oc­ca­sion, and not only on the trails. This time I’m grov­el­ling around on the work­shop floor at­tempt­ing to ex­tract some spec­tac­u­larly seized bear­ings from a spare rear wheel. I’m re­duced to the floor be­cause my dis­mem­bered Du­cati 900SS is oc­cu­py­ing the work­bench and is likely to do so for some weeks to come.

This is all in a good cause, how­ever, as I’m over­haul­ing the spare wheel so I can fit a pair of An­las Capra knob­blies cour­tesy of UK im­porters Cam­brian Tyres to that and an ad­di­tional front that came with the bike.

It had taken some con­sid­er­able ef­fort to even get to the point where I could at­tempt to ham­mer the bear­ings out. There’s a threaded alu­minium re­tainer on the drive side. This par­tic­u­lar com­po­nent has quite a rep­u­ta­tion for do­ing one of two con­trary things; ei­ther back­ing out in use or seiz­ing solid and de­fy­ing all at­tempts at re­moval. Mine had done the lat­ter, aided and abet­ted by the amount of thread­lock de­ployed by a pre­vi­ous owner. A com­pre­hen­sive de­mo­li­tion job in­volv­ing heat, ham­mers and drills fi­nally got it out.

Def­i­nitely be­yond re-use, a re­place­ment was duly or­dered from Leisure Trail. When that ar­rived I plucked a re­place­ment pair of 6203 and 6303 bear­ings from the shelf and equipped my­self with the stan­dard bear­ing re­moval tools of old bars and mullered screw­drivers. How­ever the crush spacer was tight be­tween the bear­ings and could not be eas­ily moved. My knuck­les took more whacks than the bear­ings at first.

They were ab­so­lutely knack­ered. I de­cided to run the re­place­ment bear­ings with the seals left in on both sides. In they went with con­sid­er­ably less ef­fort than the old ones had re­quired for re­moval.

Not quite a home run just yet. The new bear­ing re­tainer was most reluc­tant to take up its po­si­tion. Big G sug­gested I hack­saw some di­ag­o­nals across the thread on the old one and use it as a home­brewed thread chaser. Quicker said than done but even­tu­ally the thread re­cov­ered suf­fi­ciently to take the re­tainer.

Hard work, this trail rid­ing busi­ness.

Knob­blies by An­las, Capra is the model, 140/80

So short of grease, looked like they’d catch fire

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