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I have an oil-cooled 1990 Suzuki ‘90 GSX750F that I can’t con­vince to stop leak­ing where the ex­haust faces the head on cylin­der #2.

I’ve been try­ing two sets of new gas­kets (af­ter­mar­ket, ad­mit­tedly), have had a good look at the pipe’s seal­ing sur­face and as good a look as I could get at the cylin­der head port sur­face, couldn’t find any ob­vi­ous prob­lems, and am start­ing to get slightly an­noyed with the sit­u­a­tion. I could live with up­set neigh­bours, but it runs bad around town, un­doubt­edly due to in­hal­ing her own fumes at lower en­gine speeds. Since I’m fairly cer­tain that if I torque those bolts down any tighter I’ll be deal­ing with an even big­ger prob­lem, I’d love to know what to try next. Chris­tian Demm­ler, PS Face­book Group

Gary Hurd says: You’ve got the col­lets the wrong way round. The thin edges should be bear­ing down on the gas­kets and the thick edges be­hind the clamps. They are a lit­tle tricky as of course they keep try­ing to fall out as you at­tempt to fit the ex­haust. The fac­tory sug­ges­tion is to use rub­ber bands to hold the col­let halves to­gether un­til they’re in then snip the bands off. Or you could use ca­ble ties.

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