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I have a strange prob­lem on my 1998 Suzuki Ban­dit 600. The rev counter is very er­ratic. One minute it’s sit­ting at tick­over, say 1000rpm, then it jumps up to 4000 to 6000rpm then back down again. It does the same when I’m rid­ing it. What could the prob­lem be?

Scott Clark, PS Face­book Group

Pete O’dell says: It could be a faulty tacho but a far more likely ex­pla­na­tion is that there’s a dodgy earth. Suzuki in their wis­dom saw fit to splice the earth wire (black with white tracer) in with three or four oth­ers. They’re poorly twisted and sol­dered to­gether and taped over. I sus­pect that this is where your prob­lem lies be­cause of in­ter­mit­tent earth­ing.

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