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Gear­box oil change

20 mins

Don’t be mean, give your gag bike a fresh dose of light gear­box oil ev­ery 500 miles or six months, whichever comes first. Af­ter all it has to work hard with you on it, you big lump.

Spark plug change

30 mins

Eas­i­est done with fair­ing low­ers off. Plug is NGK BR7HS (BR8HS for the 80)

Top end-over­haul

4 hours

Top-end over­hauls re­ally don’t get much sim­pler than on th­ese air-cooled two-stroke sin­gles. It’s wise to re­torque ev­ery­thing once the bike has been prop­erly warmed-up then al­lowed to cool. 50 ex­haust clamp is screw-on, 80 bolt-on.

En­gine re­build

1 Days

Equip your­self with a clutch holder and fly­wheel puller. If you need a crank re­build then this is the only thing that will hold you up as it’s a spe­cial­ist job.

Fork oil change

2 Hours

Take the legs out and give them a proper strip and clean when chang­ing oil. Twin spring con­ver­sion from team­cala­

Brake pads

1/2 hour

Give the front caliper a good clean and a lit­tle smear of sil­i­con grease on the slid­ing pins. Check the con­di­tion of the brak­ing sur­face in the rear drum.

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