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Per­haps the most mov­ing Thun­der­cat trib­ute in the en­tire his­tory of Prac­ti­cal Sport­bikes

Firstly, please give my re­gards to your Art Ed­i­tor, the Rt. Hon. D. Smith, Esq.

I also own a worth­less Yamaha Thun­der­cat of sim­i­lar vin­tage and con­di­tion, and his rec­om­men­da­tion a few is­sues ago of the Met­zeler Road­tec 01 tyres was spot on, they are prov­ing very re­as­sur­ing and grippy even on leafy, greasy au­tumn roads.

I re­cently de­cided to give up the car, and to this end my trusty ‘cat has be­come the fam­ily ve­hi­cle of choice. Un­for­tu­nately my spaniel Jasper can’t reach the pil­lion pegs so I have built a tow hitch for the ‘cat, and trailer for

him to whizz about in. Please find at­tached pho­to­graphs that will prob­a­bly up­set any­one with a sense of hu­mour de­fi­ciency and/ or a pro­cliv­ity for an­i­mal rights ac­tivism.

The sus­pen­sion is pinched from an old Peu­geot Speed­fight and mod­i­fied for his (sig­nif­i­cantly lighter) weight, and the frame is 50mm alu­minium box. Flex­i­ble cou­pling du­ties are un­der­taken by the uni­ver­sal joint from an old Kub­ota PTO shaft, and the rest is com­posed of scrap ma­te­ri­als that were kick­ing about at work, in­clud­ing but not lim­ited to; an old pipe ben­der, a road sign, the frame from a late 90s ar­cade ma­chine (Time Cri­sis II for those in­ter­ested) and UPVC cladding. The wind­screen used to

be the de­liv­ery chute from a claw ma­chine. The only sig­nif­i­cant ex­penses in­curred were for the sus­pen­sion, the in­dus­trial stor­age box, a new num­ber­plate and a set of lights to keep the DVLA happy.

Any­body read­ing this with grow­ing hor­ror shouldn’t be con­cerned for Jasper’s safety; he is in­sured and in the event of this con­trap­tion lead­ing to his grue­some death, Pet­plan willl buy me a new dog.

Make sure you all keep up the good work, PS is a truly crack­ing mag!

Please don’t for­ward my de­tails to the RSPCA. Tom Ed­wards (and the long suf­fer­ing Jasper)

Damian‘s all set to make one of these for his pet ter­rapin, Terry

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