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1 RACE KIT Power will go up from 102105bhp to 136 or so at the wheel with the race kit fit­ted. Race kit head­ers mean the stock rad and fair­ing won’t fit. A race-kit­ted en­gine re­tains only the stock crankcases, crank, con­rods, and clutch.

2 R vs S Frames on the two mod­els have dif­fer­ent part num­bers and the later bike ap­par­ently had its en­gine moved for­ward by 7mm. How­ever Steve A’lee has been un­able to com­pare the two to con­firm this. Air­box lid and rear rocker cover changed but these parts are in­ter­change­able any­way.

3 GEAR­BOX See ‘En­gine’ be­low. The GT Mo­tor­cy­cles race bike hasn’t even had a new clutch.

4 EN­GINE You won’t break it, you just won’t. GT Mo­tor­cy­cles’ en­durance race bike has done over 100,000 rac­ing miles with­out is­sue. As an ex­per­i­ment the team hasn’t changed the oil for two sea­sons with no prob­lems.

5 FUEL PUMP Denso fuel pump is one of few ar­eas where prob­lems have been ex­pe­ri­enced, mainly through stand­ing with old fuel in them. Manky old un­leaded takes a toll on fuel fil­ters too.

6 FUEL IN­JEC­TION Lack of use is again the main cause of is­sues here and the dreaded old un­leaded. You’ll need to spend £100 or so to get the injectors clean on a bike that has stood.

7 SUS­PEN­SION Stan­dard road bike fare is Showa, so spares are eas­ily come by. There were some Showa race kit forks too. Öh­lins did a shock and link­age, a de­sir­able ex­tra.

8 16-inch FRONT WHEEL Many own­ers opted to fit VFR and af­ter­mar­ket wheels so they had the op­tion of a 17-inch front. How­ever orig­i­nal­ity is now very much the or­der of the day and stock wheels at­tract a premium.

9 SER­VIC­ING Given how few miles most RC45S do, ser­vic­ing is of­ten ne­glected. Ask the ven­dor what his ser­vice sched­ule and prac­tice look like.

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