Honda MTX80S


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78cc air-cooled Reed-valve Two-stroke sin­gle 8bhp 94kg 58mph

Com­pletely dif­fer­ent to the MTX80R. The S is based on the more fa­mil­iar (and painfully slow) MTX50S. The air-cooled mo­tor shares its bot­tom end with the H100, so the big­ger top end will go straight on – there’s a cou­ple of horse­power to be had in that.

The 80S only made it here as a grey im­port so you’ll be hunt­ing in France, Ger­many and the NL; The Dutch Honda M Shop spe­cialises in Honda 2T sin­gles.

For: cheaper than an R Against: hard to find in the UK What you’ll pay: £600-£1800

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