Honda MBX80F


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79cc liq­uid-cooled Reed-valve Two-stroke sin­gle 12bhp 95kg 65mph

High-spec Honda that shares its chas­sis with the much slower MBX50. UK bikes have twin front disc brakes with sin­gle-pot calipers; the rest of the world got a sin­gle disc with a twin-pot caliper.

Bikes from Blighty also came with a neat bikini fair­ing and bel­ly­pan. In other mar­kets the smaller MBX50 style head­lamp sur­round was an op­tion, as was the fully faired In­te­gra model.

Liq­uid-cooled six-speed mo­tor is ro­bust and, un­like UK 125s of the time, is not ar­ti­fi­cially re­stricted so will rev right through. Over­all equip­ment and fin­ish typ­i­cal of Honda at that time; it’s as well spec­i­fied as many big­ger bikes, has 12V electrics, and has be­come a sought af­ter mini-clas­sic – so prices are on the rise. Gen­uine UK bikes are be­com­ing rare; there are usu­ally sev­eral to choose from on Ger­man ebay how­ever. Great lit­tle bikes.

For: high spec, build qual­ity Against: get­ting ex­pen­sive What you’ll pay: £1000-£2500

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