Kawasaki AE80


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78cc air-cooled Reed-valve Two-stroke sin­gle 10bhp 84kg 61mph

On/off-road vari­ant of AR but a bit of an ugly duck­ling and al­ways in the shadow of both its sta­ble­mate and op­po­si­tion alike. It’s not re­ally a trailie, more a road bike chas­sis dressed up in off-road clothes. The en­gine’s good (same as AR) but spares can be an is­sue, es­pe­cially in the UK, due to ris­i­ble sales.

19/16-inch wheels mean the AE lacks the ‘big bike’ looks of an MTX or DT, so big­ger rid­ers will want to look else­where. A big wheel (21/18-inch) vari­ant of the AE was sold in Ger­many, but are rare.

A nice com­pan­ion to an AR if you’re build­ing up a fleet, but bet­ter 80cc trailies are avail­able.

For: great mo­tor, dif­fer­ent Against: ugly, not as good as the op­po­si­tion What you’ll pay: £500-£1500

Not what any­one would ever call a hand­some ma­chine, but far from in­ca­pable

This is one of the choice 80s to have

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