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79cc liq­uid-cooled Reed-valve Two-stroke sin­gle 10bhp 78kg 62mph

Any­one who owned an 80LC back in the ’80s loved it. Small, light, flick­able and quick (for what it is), the lit­tlest LC in no way lacks the hooli­gan DNA of its big broth­ers.

When we say lit­tle we mean tiny. Less than 80 ki­los with­out flu­ids the 80LC was ac­tu­ally an RZ50 with ex­tra cubes. With 10 ponies on tap these mini RDS would more than keep up with learner-le­gal 125s, with­out the in­dig­nity of hav­ing its power curve cut ar­ti­fi­cially short. A light rider could see 75mph on the clock. Mild port­ing and a pipe could push that to 80 – not bad for what was essen­tially a moped on steroids.

With italic wheels, six-speed liq­uid-cooled mo­tor, and funky styling this RD has got to be on the wish list of any se­ri­ous LC fa­natic. The RZ50 was sold in Ja­pan and South Africa so cor­ro­sion-free parts are out there.

For: a proper LC Against: not for big units, get­ting pricey What you’ll pay: £1000-£2200

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