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I’m slowly recom­mis­sion­ing a 1999 Kawasaki ZX-7R that spent the last 15 years sit­ting in the owner’s garage. One prob­lem I’m strug­gling with is that the clutch doesn’t seem to be dis­en­gag­ing drive as well as it might. It’s es­pe­cially ev­i­dent when the bike is cold and you se­lect first gear – the bike goes for­ward with the clutch lever in. Do I have to take the clutch down to find the cause or might the is­sue be with the mastercylinder or slave? Tom White, email Pete O’dell says: You might find that the prob­lem is no more than tired hy­draulic fluid. Bleed the clutch up with fresh and see if the prob­lem goes away. The fluid has a hard time and peo­ple of­ten for­get about it. If that doesn’t cure it then, yes, you will have to dig a lit­tle deeper. There is a pos­si­bil­ity that cor­ro­sion has built up on the plates while the bike has been stand­ing.

First step – change the hy­draulic fluid for fresh

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