Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Suzuki Gsx-r1000 -

Oil change

20 mins

Suzuki say to change the semi-syn­thetic mo­tor­cy­cle spec 10w40 ev­ery 4000 miles and the fil­ter ev­ery third time or so. We would change the fil­ter ev­ery time. Take the right fair­ing lower off for ease of ac­cess.

Spark plug change

1 Hour

You’ll need to re­move the seat pads, lift and sup­port the tank and re­move the air­box to get to the plugs (NGK CR9E or Denso UR27ESR-N). Also dis­con­nect the ca­ble block con­nec­tors to the stick coils be­fore pulling them off the plugs..

Top end over­haul

1 Day

Valve clear­ance ad­just­ment is by shimunder-bucket so that means camshafts out if any have gone tight or loose. You’ll need to re­move the in­jec­tors be­fore the rocker cover can come off.

En­gine re­build

2 Days

This would be a most-un­usual oc­cur­rence. How­ever the only spe­cial tools re­quired are a clutch holder and fly­wheel puller.

Fork oil change

3 Hours

Take the legs out and give them a proper strip and clean when chang­ing oil. Look out for cor­ro­sion on the stan­chions but don’t worry too much if the ni­trid­ing is com­ing off; it’s only cos­metic.

Brake pads

1/2 Hour

Give the six-pis­ton calipers a good clean and be ready to re­place seals on a reg­u­lar ba­sis if the bike does a lot of wet weather and win­ter work. The pis­ton bores were ma­chined af­ter the caliper halves were an­odised so are prone to cor­ro­sion build-up be­hind the seals.

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