Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - The 1990's -

Built to han­dle enduro com­pe­ti­tion, the XT500 quickly be­came a favourite of road and of­froad rid­ers alike. If you en­joyed both then the XT was your dream ma­chine.

The 499cc two-valve sin­gle was a road-le­gal ver­sion of the full-on TT500 enduro bike of 1975. Orig­i­nally con­ceived for the US mar­ket, Euro­peans soon took to its slim­line charms. Many rid­ers pre­ferred not to take their XTS off-road, put off per­haps by the weight. None­the­less the XT re­tains a strong fol­low­ing. With easy torque out of nowhere the XT re­tained the char­ac­ter of far older ma­chines while pack­aged to suit 1970s rid­ers.


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