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“Re­v­erse head 3MA has to have a place. From a time when man­u­fac­tur­ers could do what they liked”


Even a quar­ter of a cen­tury on the Du­cati 916 looks like it has been tele­ported back from a dif­fer­ent time and place. Even when you’re not rid­ing it you can just look at it and imag­ine you are rid­ing it.


It might seem a bit greedy to want one of these along­side a 916 but at least on this I might feel like I’m push­ing to­wards some of its po­ten­tial, which I most as­suredly couldn’t do on its big­ger sib­ling. SPS be­cause we all like the fancy stuff.


The pin-up bike for men of a cer­tain age who were boys in the 1970s. The fact that the Jota is hard work and a de­mand­ing ride makes even mod­est mas­tery of it some­thing of an achieve­ment.


Be­cause we all need a trail bike. The AR (Ac­tive Rad­i­cal) drips in tech which kind of puts it at odds with what you re­ally want in a trailie but it was as de­vel­oped as stro­kers got, and for that earns its place.


Not the best two-stroke Yamaha made in tech­ni­cal terms but the one we all lusted af­ter if we hit our mid-teens around the time of its launch. Ev­ery gen­er­a­tion has its must-have bike and this was ours.


Not the first choice of ’Blade afi­ciona­dos but the mil­len­nial fuel-in­jected CBR924RR pointed to a new di­rec­tion for sports­bikes. This was the last bike PB tech­ni­cal edi­tor John Robin­son rode be­fore his pass­ing. He loved it. 7. YAMAHA YZF-R1

The most-hyped bike of the 1990s dis­ap­pointed a lit­tle when I first rode an im­porter test bike. Then I bor­rowed a demon­stra­tor that had been set up by Fl­itwick Mo­tor­cy­cles. Then I got it – and some.


The idea that a mav­er­ick mob of free thinkers in Italy could do bet­ter than the might of a Ja­panese con­glom­er­ate still ap­peals. Made my­self late for a din­ner date with my fu­ture wife tak­ing in the de­tail of a KB1 parked on the street.

He likes a bit of re­v­erse cylin­der does Alan. No won­der, turquoise is the boss colour for these too 9. YAMAHA TZR250 3MA

If you like two-strokes and the slight per­ver­sity of a wrong-way-round en­gine then the re­v­erse head 3MA has to have a place in your garage. From a time when man­u­fac­tur­ers re­ally could do just as they liked.

10. HONDA CBR600F4

We all need a sen­si­ble 600 to be fool­ish on and they don’t come any bet­ter suited than the CBR600. A bike to fit your mood, what­ever your mood might be, or to just get on and ride without barely think­ing about it.

Hard work to ride, but so easy on the eye

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