There are three flavours of A16. Choose from…

Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Rcm Usa A16r -


Z1-r-es­que vari­ant with all alu­minium fuel cell (un­der the an­gu­lar dummy cover), Z1-R bikini fair­ing and boxy sin­gle seat. AC Sanc­tu­ary in Ja­pan de­vel­oped the chas­sis through rac­ing, so this one won’t be shy of track work. Swingarm is a more ba­sic item – if you could ever call it that – with no un­der­brace. Lower shock mounts are ec­cen­tric, for ad­justable ride height.


More than a nod to the orig­i­nal Z900/1000 with its duck-arse rear end (note it’s a very neat sin­gle seat though), un­der-braced ’arm, gold fin­ished rwu Öh­lins forks, drop ’bars and ’70s style pin­strip­ing.


The most faith­ful to the orig­i­nal Z look, with a twin seat and pro­vi­sion for a pil­lion, high ’bars and Zed type side pan­els. Looks amaz­ing in the red/grey/black. Al­though this is most ‘street’ of the trio, it’s the one that comes with sportier usd forks.

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