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Suzuki gave the home mar­ket pref­er­en­tial treat­ment on RGVS. This 1991 RGV250 VJ22 isn’t the same as the M-model we got. But like the 1992 UK bikes (des­ig­nated RGV250N), with the slim­mer/longer seat unit with two seat vents in­stead of three. The en­gine in­ter­nals are the same, though bear in mind it’ll have smaller carbs and re­stricted elec­tron­ics. This one’s a fresh im­port, and looks straight and clean un­der the cus­tom paint which is re­put­edly in good shape (should it pro­vide liq­uid sup­port to your wa­ter­craft), and with low miles un­der it to boot.

Seems like a lot, given most peo­ple would want it re­painted and put it back to full power. And prob­a­bly a pre­cau­tion­ary en­gine re­fresh, though at least they’re well sup­ported on the Suzuki Vin­tage Parts scheme for that. If you want one to sort, keep and ride it would just about stack up, but its ap­peal if and when you wanted to move it on would be con­sid­er­ably re­duced com­pared to a UK blue/white M-model. So bud­get for that.

Re­stricted, and not a UK bike. These things count

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