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“In prac­tice Marc de­lib­er­ately pushes past the limit to get to the point where he loses front grip. This is his way of train­ing him­self and it gives him such con­fi­dence, more than any other rider, be­cause he knows the limit he can go to and most of the time he can save a crash.

“I started rac­ing late and I didn’t ride off-road, so I didn’t have the same bal­ance on the bike and I wasn’t as safe as the Amer­i­can riders I raced against, who had all done dirt track. When they lost the front, they’d save it nine times out of ten. When I lost the front I’d save it maybe six times out of ten. When Marc loses the front he saves it 99 times out of a 100.

“That con­fi­dence al­lows him to push be­yond the limit, so if some­one is in front he will brake later and push even harder, un­til he gets past. He is very dif­fi­cult to beat, so what do you do? Marc isn’t per­fect with his lines be­cause he at­tacks too much, so what I would do is try to find bet­ter and more con­sis­tent lines. I think that’s the only way to beat him. Re­mem­ber when Jorge Lorenzo rode the Yamaha on Bridge­stones? He beat Marc many times like that – by hav­ing bet­ter lines and a smoother style.”

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