1983 Yamaha RD350 YPVS LC2

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“This was the first bike I re­stored and I’ve owned it for about 11 years. I found it un­der some tar­pau­lin in a guy’s garage and it was painted in hideous Coca-cola colours, so I gave him £450 as it was a wreck. I learnt loads while restor­ing this bike – mainly that I was no good at paint­ing parts my­self! It was a great learning ex­pe­ri­ence and I met Trig, who now does all my en­gine work, af­ter he helped me out with the mo­tor. As I was so keen this didn’t take that long to do, but it isn’t fin­ished as well as the TS.”

An orig­i­nal Valve is al­ways a good thing to have

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