Con­ver­sion fac­tors

Practical Sportsbikes (UK) - - Workshop Techniques -

Can’t make the fig­ures in your man­ual marry up with the mark­ings on your torque wrench? Here’s how to con­vert one mea­sure to an­other, tak­ing Nm as the mod­ern favourite.

Mul­ti­ply kg.m by 9.804 for Nm; di­vide Nm by 9.804 for kg.m Mul­ti­ply lb.ft by 1.356 for Nm; di­vide Nm by 1.356 for lb.ft Mul­ti­ply by 0.113 for Nm; di­vide Nm by 0.113 for Mul­ti­ply by 0.083 for lb.ft; di­vide lb.ft by 0.083 for

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