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While early GSX-R750 prices get mildly out of hand, its rivals have much to offer in their different ways without requiring collector money. We run the rule over FZ, VFR and GPX

- Words: Jim Moore | Pictures: Bauer archive

If you fancy a 750 these are the things to be scoping. Few vices, decent speed, low money

Before 750 superbikes went all testostero­ne and twin headlamps there was a brief spell from the mid-to-late 1980s when a three-quarter-litre sportsbike could be a proper all-rounder – fast, comfortabl­e, and even good two-up. Brilliant, in fact.and there were three main protagonis­ts:yamaha’s FZ750 Genesis, Honda’svfr750f and Kawasaki’s GPX750.

Often overlooked in favour of flashier race replicas, this trio are ripe for the picking.values are still modest, and the riding experience of any one of these will both surprise and elight. Plus, there are enough dirt-cheap hounds out there to rob for spares, making running one as easy on the pocket as the initial purchase.

They all have track pedigree as well, so there’s scope to build a seriously tasty replica, if standard isn’t your thing.a bike that will still be more forgiving to use on the road than, say, a ZXR ORYZF.ANAMA-A-LIKEVFR RC24 or ated Lawson rep FZ is guaranteed to pull a bigger crowd than a standard GSX-R750, too.and who’s ever seen a Rob Phillis-rep GPX?

Affordable, engaging to ride, easy to work on and modify, and still in decent enough numbers to make finding a good one a matter of when, not if. In terms of grins per pound, 1980s 750s are hard to beat. Here’s how to bag a minter...

 ??  ?? The shape of mid-1980s sportsbike­s at their finest. Machines that have still got it
The shape of mid-1980s sportsbike­s at their finest. Machines that have still got it
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