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A few months back my 1998 Suzuki GSX-R750 SRAD started jumping out of sixth gear, and then sometimes even refused to engage it at all. Now, it’s started misbehavin­g in second gear as well. I’m bracing myself for bad news here. Have I done for the gearbox – and will the fix be more than the bike’s worth?

Martin Barrett, email

Gary Hurd says: An old favourite on many Suzukis, not just SRADS. Ham-footed shifting and wheelies will be the cause. What we have here is a bent selector fork at the very least and quite possibly a knackered second and sixth gear pair too. They’ll be pretty obvious when you get in there, which is, I’m afraid, what you’re going to have to do. At least you can access them easily enough by taking the bottom off the engine.

When it comes to cost, there will be little change from £500 for new parts. There’s always the option of fitting a used engine from a breaker but there is the risk that you’ll only be buying this problem again, and quite possibly others. A used ’box and selector forks are options. But how much money are you likely to save, and how big a risk will used components be?

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