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Yes, it’s Gary Hurd – the man who gives it to you straight. He got where he is today by being almost unimaginab­ly tight, and deeply suspicious of all


Medium G’s guidance. Ignore


have calmed down a bit on most projects.the lockdown effect seems to have passed, and values are near sensible money again.

Saying that, I’m still surprised at what people are prepared to pay for bitsas, ropey hounds and bikes so far off being nice and usable again it’s not funny.

I’ve had most of my bikes since the days they weren’t worth a lot, and I’m thankful I have – I’m not sure I’d have half of them if I’d paid what they’re going for now. I’d never part with my ‘Tiger’ Katana, but even as a rough and ready mish-mash, it’d be worth a good few grand now. Is it worth it? Looking beyond my own attachment, I don’t think so.

There’s £2000 of bits on it, at a push. But I keep seeing bikes like that go for decent cash, and usually some misery-guts on Facebook moaning about purists/collectors/dreamers pushing prices up out of reach of ‘real bikers’, whatever that means.thing is, it’s not a fluke, or a one-off – if you’ve paid attention, prices have been gradually creeping towards this.

I remember when RG500S topped £10K, probably a decade back – now they’ll comfortabl­y top £20K.that suggests sustained interest over a long period, not just some flash in the pan.

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