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- Chris Newbigging, Editor

Ihope things are looking up a little by the time you read this – owing to our print deadline, I’m writing just as Covid-19 played havoc with Christmas, and our liberties in general, again. Once more, we hope all our readers get through these times in health and happiness.

And I suspect, by your interest in this magazine, you stand a better chance than most of keeping both mind and body together: Stay Home means Gotothe Garage for many of us.

We get a lot of emails every month, but one submission for Inyour Shed was a little different from usual. Laura Peters’ tale of buying a sorry-lookingvf1­000r as something to focus her attentions on, and to ward off mental health issues associated with the sudden isolation and uncertaint­y, is a reminder that this little world PSPB inhabits isn’t just about tinkering and riding.

The catharsis an evening in the garage can provide is not to be underestim­ated: telly off, phone ignored, maybe your favourite tunes on in the background, while you do a bit of maintenanc­e, or tackle the next part of a big project. It’s the next best option to the escapism of riding the things.

We hope you’re not feeling down: but if you are, we hope the mag not only brings a bit of entertainm­ent, but inspires you to do something with the bike, which might just do you the world of good. Look after yourself and those around you, and enjoy the magazine.

“This little world that PSPB inhabits isn’t just about tinkering and riding”

 ??  ?? He could have bought the right one to start with... but, nooooo
He could have bought the right one to start with... but, nooooo

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