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Want help finding one of your old bikes, or reckon you can help one of the peeps below who’re looking for machinery long since sold on? Send an email titled ‘Bikes Reunited’ to with your details, the bike’s reg, and any useful info, plus pics to prove you’ve owned it. Don’t forget to indicate you’re happy for your details to be passed on (whether you’re searching or can help someone else).

Darren Coupland’s Suzuki GS550 Katana (MCT500X)

I would love to find my old 550 Katana. I purchased it in 1985 when I was 18, thrashed it to death for several years, painted it orange and white with Japanese writing on the tank, and eventually sold it around 1990 to a mate who kept it a while and then also sold it. The last time I saw it was back at Coupland motorcycle­s in about 1995, and by this time it was painted red. As well as this picture of it, I also have the original bill of sale to prove it was once mine. It was last taxed in 2010, and it would be great to be reunited with it.

Stuart Mercer’s Honda CBR900RR-N (J806 ONR)

I chopped in my ZZR1100C2 (blue/ black G-reg) for this beauty in 1994. It was my weekend toy while during the week I slogged through London on either a CX500 or GT550 as a courier. It saw a bit of battle damage during my ownership and ended up getting a respray and a liberal applicatio­n of nicknacks from the M&P catalogue. I sold it to buy a brand-new Honda NTV 650 (I know!), which got written off on the Mile End Road a couple of years later. The Fireblade is still on the road and I hope the owner appreciate­s it, and thrashes it like they should. Sadly, my hip wouldn’t let me ride a sportsbike for more than 10 minutes these days. I would also like to know if the switch and wiring for the underseat neon lights are still in situ... probably not.

Robert Neilson’s Honda CB750 K2 (LYS 990P)

I’m looking for my first big bike when I passed my test in 1975. I bought it from Rattrays on Alexandra Parade in Glasgow for £979. I ran it for a while then sold it to Lloyd Bros in Hamilton to get married. Wrong decision in retrospect, should have kept it. The wife has gone now, so I wouldn’t mind my bike back. It’s now blue in colour, if anyone recognises it.

Ian Marchant’s Enfield Meteor Minor (223 WML)

OK, this is embarrassi­ng but I was only about 19 at the time and Easy Rider was THE movie. So, I had got this Royal Enfield Meteor Minor field bike non-runner for £5 from some kids. Turned out there was no rotor arm (suspect the neighbours didn’t like the noise and nicked it!). Anyway I decided I wanted a chopper so modified it with chromed forks, high pipes, moped tank, high seat, etc. Sprayed the frame purple and tank yellow with purple psychedeli­a. Eventually sold it to a local lad for £50 I think. DVLA doesn’t list the reg but it would just be nice to know if it does still exist somewhere, even as part of another bike.

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