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Gentleman's ride improved

- Alan? Alan Seeley? Gent? – MG

Here’s Alan’s old Suzuki X7 Gamma. The footrests have been dropped and new mounting plates fitted, now the kickstart swings freely without fouling them, and the gear lever has been reworked.

I’m afraid the blue Suzuki tank vinyl was of poor quality and peeled off, ditto the white mudguard vinyl. The forks have started to pit ever so slightly, so grease and gaiters have been added. Starting is now much improved due to sealing off the two oil-injection nozzles on each inlet port. The previously fitted miniature hose and clips were not airtight.

I can still picture you and MG pushing it around Lynch Wood car park – what a way to spend a Friday afternoon, eh?

Many thanks for selling me the bike, you’re a gent.

Nigel Roe

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